University of Missouri Students' Underwater Robotics Foundation

Welcome to Mizzou SURF

Students’ Underwater Robotics Foundation is an engineering student organization that strives to implement the knowledge of engineering courses to real life projects. Mizzou SURF designs and manufactures marine robotic projects. SURF is a competition team with an element of robotic research. We are currently hard at work preparing for the 2022 RoboSub competition at the University of Maryland, College Park!

Meet the Team:


Nathan Crum

"Hello! My name is Nathan Crum, and I am a recent May 2022 graduate of Mizzou's Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering programs. I am fascinated by the development of aerospace vehicle control systems, and more recently have become an avid fan of the intersection between autonomous systems and aerospace vehicles. In my free time I enjoy exploring Columbia by bike and playing board games with friends!"

Contact: nac4dc@umsystem.edu


Maria Lusardi

"My name is Maria Lusardi and I am a senior studying Computer Science. SURF has not only given me great experience in developing software for autonomous applications, but it has also helped me develop leadership and organization skills. I also enjoy playing violin and knitting!"

Contact: mclntg@umsystem.edu


Colm Barry

"I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Aerospace Engineering. I like SURF because building robots underwater comes with more challenges that require complex solutions."

Contact: crbtvc@umsystem.edu


Mason Fleck

"My name is Mason Fleck and I'm a junior majoring in electrical and computer engineering. What I like about Surf is that I get to explore a bunch of different aspects of engineering at once for one goal."

Contact: mrfc9r@umsystem.edu

Mechanical Team Member

Matt Cira
Mechanical Team member

"My name is Matthew Cira, and I am a Junior in Mechanical engineering with a minor in Mathematics. I love SURF for the complex challenges that building a submarine entails and the creative and innovative solutions that we have created to solve those challenges."

Contact: mjcvyd@umsystem.edu

Electrical Team Member

Amelia Truong
Electrical Team Member

"My name is Amelia Truong and I am a sophomore studying computer engineering. I like SURF because it has allowed me to experience real applications of my major that I couldn’t have gotten from classes during my freshman year."

Contact: ajt9zn@mst.edu


6/12/22 - Submitting for Robosub 2022

For the first time in two years, and our second time as a team, we will be traveling to Robosub competition! This year it will be held at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD. Team members Colm Barry, Nathan Crum, Mason Fleck, Maria Lusardi, and Amelia Truong will be traveling to attend.

8/30/21 - Presenting for SWE Girl Scout Day

With the return of more in-person activities, SURF has again partnered with SWE to present Jelly at their annual Girl Scout Day event! Several girl scout troops from the surrounding area came to Mizzou for a day to learn about different types of engineering. We are very excited to introduce them to the exciting field of autonomous underwater robotics!

6/17/21 - Submitting for Robosub 2021

Mizzou SURF is submitting for the virtual 2021 Robosub competition. Though there is no in-person competition in San Diego, CA this year, we are excited to show off Jelly through our videos and technical reports. This will be SURF's second time competing in the competition.


Potens Pleumon

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