6/12/22 - Submitting for Robosub 2022

For the first time in two years, and our second time as a team, we will be traveling to Robosub competition! This year it will be held at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD. Team members Colm Barry, Nathan Crum, Mason Fleck, Maria Lusardi, and Amelia Truong will be traveling to attend.

8/30/21 - Presenting for SWE Girl Scout Day

With the return of more in-person activities, SURF has again partnered with SWE to present Jelly at their annual Girl Scout Day event! Several girl scout troops from the surrounding area came to Mizzou for a day to learn about different types of engineering. We are very excited to introduce them to the exciting field of autonomous underwater robotics!

6/17/21 - Submitting for Robosub 2021

Mizzou SURF is submitting for the virtual 2021 Robosub competition. Though there is no in-person competition in San Diego, CA this year, we are excited to show off Jelly through our videos and technical reports. This will be SURF's second time competing in the competition.

4/29/21 - New Home!

Due to University plans to demolish Noyes Hall, we will be moving our build room to Lafferre Hall! This move will give us much more space to work and make it easier to collaborate with other competition teams currently working there. From now on, meetings will be held in the basement of Lafferre next to MU Space Program.

4/19/21 - STEM Cubs Outreach

SURF will be participating in Mizzou's STEM Cubs program for the first time this year. STEM Cubs is an annual engineering day camp for students in grades K-5 focused on educating elementary school children from underrepresented or disadvantaged backgrounds. This year, it will consist of online tutorials. SURF is currently producing a video for the program for 4-5 graders on how to make your own submarine! Stay tuned for more details.

8/26/20 - SURF 2020-2021 Kicks Off

SURF meetings have started for the academic year. In response to covid, we will be using QR codes to keep track of attendance for contact tracing records, and we will have a dedicated computer in the build room for those who would like to attend virtually. In accordance with university policy, masks will be required in the build room. Though we were not able to participate in RoboSub this year, we will be continuing to work on our sub in preparation for RoboSub 2021!

4/8/20 - Elections and Virtual Meetings

A big congratulations to our newly elected officers for next year. President Colm Barry, Vice President Mason Fleck, and Secratary Maria Lusardi. The team came together virtually to elect the new officers and we continue to hold video meetings and work on software remotely given that we are no longer being able to be on campus at this time. We are still preparing for, and looking forward to, competition in early August.

2/3/20 - Jelly's First Swim

Today was the first time we tested our new submarine in the water. The main housing is waterproof and after epoxying the rest of the connections the battery housing will be ready to swim too.

11/26/19 - St. Louis High School Tour

Over the past two days SURF visited Eureka, Northwest, and St. Charles High Schools to show off the sub and talk to future engineers about robotics, Mizzou engineering, and preparing for college.

8/5/19 - First Annual Robosub Competition

It's the end of a long week in San Diego where we attended our first Robosub competition. We met a lot of amazing teams from around the world and had the opportunity to learn so much from all of them. We are proud to have finally got Subby running in the TRANSDEC pool and can't wait to take everything we've learned and apply it to a new sub for next year!

4/25/19 - First Water Test

Today we conducted our first leak test at the Mizzou Rec. We discovered a few leaks in our connectors so now we head back to the build room to perform the necassary fixes. Check out the photo gallery for lots of cool pictures and videos!

12/5/2018 - Christmas Break

As finals comes to an end we want to thank our amazing members for working so hard on the progress of the sub. We are ending this semester with a sealed vessel and an almost completed electronics bay. We eagerly await the release of the new rules for the 2019 ROBOSUB competition and cannot wait to see what the next semester has in store for us! Everyone have a great break.

10/15/2018 - Funding Announcement!

Thanks to the hard work of our presidents and an even bigger thank you to the Mizzou College of Engineering we are very happy to anounce an 11,000 dollar donation towards Mizzou SURF. We look forward to continuing our work towards finishing our UAV and preparing for competition in July.

9/3/2018 - New Smester Excitement

With a brand new semester starting the entire team is ready to begin work on the sub again. Many new members have joined our ranks and we are ready to take on new chalenges!

2/26/2018 - Making Progress on the AUV

We have been getting the sub ready for Legislative Day in Jefferson City on Wednesday! Spending a lot of hours in the machine shop and our build room.

12/07/2017 - Lastest Donation

We wanted to say a big thank you to the MAE Department and Dr. Zhang for donating $1500 to SURF to put towards our RoboSub project! We made a lot of progress this semester as we worked on the design of our submarine. Next semester we will start building and testing a prototype, where that $1500 will be a huge help! We already can’t wait for next semester!

8/31/2017 - Breaking News!

We have officially applied for official recognition from the university! Also BREAKING NEWS: SURF won the NASA-Missouri Space Consortium Grant and will be awarded the funding that comes with that prestigious award, so a special thanks to Dr. Josiah Bryan for believing in our mission!!